Free of Specific Identity

“Thus, in the dzogchen dharma-reality taught by Guru Rimpoche, we are free of all specific identity. Floating on the surface or hovering weightlessly, the lotus-born adept is free of the mud at the bottom of the lake in the here and now. And we are all lotus-born – if only we would admit it; if only we could allow it. We are all free of all past rebirth, free of the traumatizing experience of womb, birth canal and infancy. We are free of everything that provides the root conditioning from which the ignorant must strive to liberate and exonerate themselves. When we recognize the nature of mind, the cumulative potentialities of experience that constitute karma are already transformed into the spontaneous compassionate responsiveness that is buddha.”

Guru Pema Here and Now: The Mythology of the Lotus-Born
Translation and commentary by Keith Dowman

Sarva Mangalam!
May All Beings Be Happy!